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Schooner Lewis R. French

America's Oldest Windjammer

Would you like to work on the French?

We may already have these positions filled, but please inquire if you are interested.Maine Windjammer Crew

Working aboard a windjammer can be a rewarding experience. You'll meet people from all walks of life, gain self-confidence through honest labor, and see the beauty of natural Maine first-hand as you learn to sail an historic nineteenth century vessel.

Crew members work and live aboard the schooner, participating in all aspects of the business, from scraping and painting to rigging and sailing and to packing up for winter's layup. The work season begins in April and ends in October, but we have been known to hire the right person for part of the season if that is the time they have available. You should be prepared to work long hours, have the ability to get along with all types of personalities, and be able to maintain a laid-back yet professional attitude.

Below is a brief description of the different job opportunities aboard the Lewis R. French. If you are interested in working for us, please send us a letter or email introducing yourself. Please note: all candidates must pass a drug test prior to hiring and must be able to pass random tests throughout the season.

First Mate

This is a deck position. Duties include schooner maintenance, cleaning, climbing the rigging, setting and furling sails, weighing anchor, and supervision of passengers and crew secondary to the captain. USCG license is helpful.

Mess Mate

This is a half-galley, half-deck position. Duties include maintaining a clean galley, food prep as designated by the cook, and deck duties as designated by the captain or mate. It takes all hands to begin and end the sailing day, so there is plenty of opportunity to practice or learn sailing skills. No experience in sailing is necessary.


This is mainly a galley position. Duties include planning, shopping for, and preparing meals and snacks for up to 28 people. All the cooking is done on a woodburning cookstove. The day begins early- usually around 4:30am- and there is plenty of opportunity for creativity with the French's menus! This is an ideal position for anyone who loves to cook. The cook is welcome to help on deck and learn as much as he/she wants about sailing when his or her time allows.


The Lewis R. French has limited, sometimes last minute opportunities for high school-aged young men and women interested in learning about tall ship sailing. This is not a paid position, and is usually for durations of less than a month. Duties may include brass polishing, deck swabbing, and dishwashing, as well as sail handling. Please email us us directly to find out if an apprenticeship is available.

Email the captain about working on the French

The Schooner Lewis R. French is an equal opportunity employer.

banner photo: Fred LeBlanc
Mailing Address: PO Box 992, Camden, ME 04843 - Physical Address: 11 Atlantic Ave, Camden, ME 04843 - Phone 207-230-8320 or 1-800-469-4635